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    Hi, new Sprint Treo 700wx in hand. Can receive email, text messages, phone calls - can surf the web - just can't send email, it just sits in the Outbox.

    Set up a POP account (worked fine on my 650), also tried MSN Hotmail.

    Anybody else having this issue?

    Solved: on the 650 I used Sprint's outgoing server to get POP to work - on the 700wx I used my ISP's outgoing server but CHECKED "Outgoing mail requires authentication, BUT DID NOT CHECK "Use separate settings".

    It's a little counter-intuitive but it works.

    IMHO the messaging mail client is pretty sketchy; as far as I can see there's no way to select all to mark as read, or delete, etc. Versamail on the 650 was better in this regard.
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    i had this issue with one of my email accounts and the ppc6700. it has comething to do with you email client and outgoing servers on mobile devices. i don't remember exactly but after calling sprint about it what thay did was put in the outgoing sever the sprint server. so in otherwords, the incomming would be your email account, and the outgoing would be sprintpcs.
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    This is what I have to do when using my account....I called Charter a few month back and essentially what they told me is that they do not support smartphones at this time....
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    I had to do that with my 650. I tried that - still no go. Went back to the Sprint store where I bought it; the tech there said they're like everyone else trying to figure it out.

    He put we on the phone with their tier two tech support 700wx unit and the tech there suggested I use Yahoo, which I'm not really of a mind to do.

    I'll continue to work on it - if anyone has other suggestions I'd appreciate it. Will post the solution if I find it.
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    I think the best solution is to skip the entire POP, IMAP realm. Spend the 9.95 a month for a full exchange account and just forward all your imap and pop accounts to your exchange account so you can experience direct push. I must say, chattermail was great on the 700p, but activesync exchange server service pack 2.. gets the job done with full sync (calendar contacts email). is where I set my account up at.. no more pop yahoo mail for me, forward baby forward.

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