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    has anyone else noticed the dam thing makes a sound for everythin you do? lol I swear you plug the charger in it beeps, take it off it beeps, sync it-it beeps, take off the sync it beeps, and if its on silent it vibrates. Whats with all the alerts for everything there seems so far no way to turn them off except maybe a reg edit
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    Yeah it does and I'm sure it's all in the registry waiting to be turned off. We'll have those codes in awhile once people start lurking around the device...

    Personally, I'm a huge PhoneAlarm fan and that allows you to turn down "system volume" (what you're talking about) but keep it loud for alerts, email, voicemail, ringers, etc., so I don't actually notice them that often.

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    You can disable that in settings --> Sounds

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