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    Couldn't find the answer. Thanks.
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    i believe all 5.0 windows devices support push
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    I would think so....hopefully we don't have to wait 4 months like we did for the verizon version
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    Thanks, guys. Can anyone please confirm this before I make the purchase? This is a deal breaker for me.
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    Well i dont know much about push, but the wx comes with a whole book to set up Exchange server mail on your phone if thats what your looking for, Im assuming thats "push" as you want
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    The outside of the box says "With Microsoft Direct Push Technology messages are automatically sent to your Treo 700wx"

    But i will know for sure in about an hour when I setup mine.
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    IT WORKS! We have an Exchange 2003 SP2 box at work and I just setup my new 700wx. It's so fast, way faster than Bus Conn Enterprise was on my (former) 700p. Now lets see what this does to battery life. The 6700 that I tested for 60 days could barely last a full day.
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    Cool! Thanks, guys
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    The 700wx has push, aku 2.2. Same os version as the 700w updater

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