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    congrats cody
    thanks man, i must say though, with this being so hard to get, i dont think i be getting the next new phone when it comes out. toooo much trouble.
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    Yes I got mine from the sprint store in the Wellington Green mall in Wellington FL (west palm area).

    They had a stack so there are more there for anyone in the area.

    A few observations so far

    1. Phone is far superior in ring and ear speaker volume when compared to the 6700. Call quality on both ends is better.

    2. voice command is included.

    3. Screen is very bright I was out in the sun and at 1/2 brightness and it is extremly visable. Much better than the 6700 although smaller.

    3. Been playing on the net a lot and battery life seems great so far. Again better than the 6700.

    4. Signal strength is also better. I get about 1 or 2 bars more signal on average.

    5. #777 vision connection takes a little longer than on my 6700 but otherwise speeds feel about the same. formating is also the same.

    I haven't installed anything or played with texting and such but its through outlook so if you want threaded sms you'll have to shanghai the verizon program floating around.

    No picture mail but not many with pda phones care nor should they IMO.
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    I want to thank Cody for all his help. I just got a great person through retentions. he ordered me the 700wx, even gave it to me for well below 649, he took my credit card info, placed the order, and gave me my order number. sorry if I doubted any of you guys. Cody u r the man.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Jimmie -

    Are you getting rid of your 700p or are you getting the 700wx as a 2nd line and keeping the 700p?
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    how much below 649 kimmie
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    2nd line for the 700wx. I wany to see if I like it enuff to keep the wx.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    i can confirm that all the Sprint stores in my area of iowa have received them. spoke to a manager at one of them tonight and said he could begin selling them tomorrow. they have one on hold.
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