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    Got 2 700w's in Feb 2006.
    We use Verizon Wireless Sync to sync with Outlook.
    Had lot's of problems.
    Performed update.
    Had devices replaced, twice.

    Devices work fairly well today, however, we still have 1 major problem.

    The device will stop receiving incoming calls and updates for no apparent reason and with no notice.

    The signal strength indicator shows signal. The data network indicator shows a live connection (EV or 1x with grey arrows below), but it does not receive incomming calls or updates.

    The device works properly after 1, or sometimes, more soft reset.

    This is a real problem because we can't tell when it's happened without trying to make a call or initiating a manual sync.

    The only solution Palm and Verizon have is to replace the device, as it must be deffective. I find that hard to believe, as these are our third units.

    Anyone out there have any ideas what's going on here?
    Please help!!!
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    this happens to me when i'm in a low signal area and it goes back and forth between EVDO and 1x....i've even had it show the incoming call indicator at the top of the screen, but then just hang from always happens to me at the same location, which has the poor signal described....very annoying.
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    Very annoying, indeed.
    Esentially defeats the purpose of the device as I see it, because I cannot be reached reliably by phone or e-mail, unless I'm sitting at my desk.

    BTW for anyone who has any ideas:
    We have no 3rd party software on the devices.
    We are killing Activesync manually each time we reset, and are using the "dummy server" workaround to keep AS from restarting. (it starts automatically after reset since the update)

    I understood the 1x update to Verizon's network performed a few months ago was supposed to solve "hanging" problems when switching from 1x to EV.

    please help!
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    performing yet another hard reset with verizon tech support right now...
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    Please let us know, I have the same issue from time to time.
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    I have the same problem as well with Verizon. When signal strength is poor it roams on to Extended Network but cannot receive incoming calls. the worst part is that when i get back into what should be a normal strength Verizon area it won't migrate back onto Verizon's network. Called T.S. and waiting for a reply. Seems to me it's costing them to have me roam onto another network, or am I mistaken about that?
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    Hard reset: no help!
    Still having same problem.

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