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    OK, so I don't want to poay for SPB weather (call me cheap!). ADB weather doesn't work (can't get a connection properly during set-up). Pocket weather keeps hanging and takes way too much memory. Sompy weather beta is too big for the VGA screen.

    I know there's a decent FREE weather plugin out there, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Just something real simple. Any suggestions?
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    I know you said Pocket Weather keeps hanging but where do you have it installed? I originally had it installed on my 4GB SD card and the program kept freezing. Once I installed it to the phone itself, I didn't have any problems. Try installing it on the phone itself if you haven't already. And as far as it using too much memory, I have 14+ MB free after a soft reset and that's with Pocket Weather running.
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    its not free but I have WeatherPanel running in custom tab of Pocket Breeze.

    Using Ken's Vista Theme.

    For all those who might consider buying WP ....I'll give this warning. The program works great, it is not totally sqare aware, but the developer has not been heard from in over a year. One update came out since he disappeared, but no one has been in contact with him.

    Original site;

    Ken's Site (Ken is just an avid WP user and skinner not the developer)

    Pocket Breeze
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    I use PW installed onto my main memory and it works quite well, with only a few minor glitches that you can easily work around with the available help. To me, it's just about the best thing out there.

    Have you been to PW's forum? The developers- as well as very knowledgeable users/testers- attend to customer inquiries with detailed attention. It's well worth the $$.
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    Try Weather to go, it is Free and it works great with small screen, It has compact view

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