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    Quote Originally Posted by parrott84 View Post
    Do you guys think that the threaded sms and Sprint tv can be firmwear updates that come out later?

    The only reason i ask is because the device obviously doesn't have it, but the palm spec sheets clearly show that it does, or is this some intern who is using copy and paste to make a wx brouchure from a w one?
    I wouldn't hold my breath on it. I think it was a typo.

    OTOH, you can already get MobiTV for WM5 for $10 a month through Handango. It's what powers SprintTV and is actually better (all live channels, no 1 minute clips). So that's an option right there.

    Re: SMS threading, Blade is working on a new version that doesn't use CF 2.0 and doesn't need to run in the background all the time and I'm sure other developers (including MS! Check out the WinMo Team Blog.) will get around to it, with enough pressure.

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    BTW, looks like Palm update their brocheure for the 700wx:

    no mention of threaded SMS anymore!

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    bump for the sprint store, i'll explain later
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    bump for the sprint store, i'll explain later
    oooohh MYSTERIOUS!
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    Ahh..he's showing this to some fine Sprint folks!

    Hi Sprint! Can we please have our threaded SMS like advertised? Thank you!


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    yes, I live in kansas city. my local sprint store is one of the top stores in the nation when it comes to sales. it also is located across the street for the sprint world headquarters. I have a inside buddy that I felt could help us get some attention to this. I wanted to pull up the site on their demo pc card that is on a laptop at the store. he was unaware of this claim and since become very concerned. he is going to do some investigating and some calling and will get back with me. I used this thread as well as the "omg " thread to show the two different claims of the threaded text messaging problem. I don't think i'll be getting a new phone tomorrow with this on it or anything, but I do think this was a key step in lighting this fire.

    burn baby, burn

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    Cody, any bit helps! thanks.

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