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    I was playing with the video ringtones today. I have a video of my dog running around that I want to play when my wife calls. Is there a way to have that video play & still have a standard ring (as the video doesnt really have any sound). I still get the voice command announcing, but it isnt loud enough to hear (doesnt grab your attention).

    Do I have any options, aside from screaming "JILLY'S CALLING" while filming my dog?

    Can you have the video & a different ringer, or am I trying to get two ringtones to work at the same time?

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    Oh & if not, how can I edit the video file to put different audio in?
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    I use Windows Movie Maker to put music in video. It's a free download from Microsoft.
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    I will check that out. Can you add a MP3 to the video & will it still work with the treo?
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    Look at that! It was already on my PC!
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    Hrm, the movie maker doesnt seem to support the 3g2 files
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    Looks like you already answered one of your questions. maybe with trial and error you'll find out what your looking for.

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