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    Is there a way to make Pocketmusic the default player rather than wmp10?

    I am wanting to stream XM radio. When I launch it automatically launches WMP10. WMP10 does not have equalizer controls which is why I am wanting to make Pocketmusic the default (1 reason anyway).
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    There are instructions at this url to make TCPMP the default. I assume you could do the same for PocketMusic. The program should be at
    \Storage Card\Program Files\PocketMusic\PocketMusic.exe
    if you installed it on your storage card.
    I think just changing the registry entry in the instructions is all you need to do.
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    Hannip, yep those directions sort of worked ! What I mean is that i did the instructions then tested by clicking on the windows mobile icon and lo and behold PocketMusic launched. I also made sure that all audio file types are associated to PocketMusic (configurationscreen in pocketMusic).

    Problem: WMP10 is still launched as the default from within PIE. Eventhough as I said above,all associations point to PocketMusic, i.e., if I click on an audio file PocketMusic launches. Wierd!??
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    Did you make the registry change as suggested? It's the registry change that is suppose to force PIE to use something other than WMP. Make sure you do a soft reset after making the registry change.

    "In the String Value 1, replace wmplayer.exe with the path to TCPMP (“\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe” when you have TCPMP installed in main memory, “\Storage Card\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe” when you have TCPMP installed on your memory card. Include the quotes!"
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    Happy Wednesday,
    Yes I did do the registry edits as laid out in the link you provided, including the softreset.
    After doing the above I started to go through the registry and wherever I found wmplayer.exe I inserted the path to pocketmusic, but so far no change in behavior (every time I make a change in the registry I do a softreset ...).

    Any ideas?
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    I found the registry entry that controls the launching of the media player ASX files. It is:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/WMWebASXFile/Shell/Open/Command/ Under 'default' is listed wmplayer.exe -web "%1".
    By changing the wmplayer.exe to the path to PocketMusic, PIE now launches PocketMusic.
    But of course I am still not happy because although everything opens fine the audio still does not flow. So I have emailed the PocketMusic developer to ask if his product will do streaming ...
    To make sure I was not dreaming I put wmplayer.exe back into that registry setting and now I get audio again.

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