I am new to the forums and hoping that someone can help me. I have gmail set up on outlook as a pop account. It automatically gets new mail every 15 mins. One major problem that I have is that if I need to send out any email immediately and press send/receive I get an error screen to check my settings. I cant seem to fix it. I am looking for a better option for the 700w.

I have read on this forum about people finding another way to set up gmail on the 700w by forwarding it to fastmail and then setting up gmail to check it. I cant seem to find any instructions on how to do it.

Can anyone explain to me how to set it up? And how it works? Will a free fastmail account suffice? If I delete the messages on my 700w inbox will they be deleted from my gmail account? Can I use my gmail account as my reply address?

Any help is appreciated. I have searched this as well as other sites for these answers but couldn’t seem to find it.

Thank You.