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    Which BT headsets work with Voice Command on the 700w? I had an older Plantronic headset that would not work with Voice Command. I would love to voice dial from just the headset. Thanks for any info.
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    Bad news. None work. The best you can do is activate voice command using your bt headset using JetWare's handsfree extension. You still have to speak into the handset for voicecmd to hear you. It is a limitation of the 700w.
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    Jabra does make an adapter that makes it possible.
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    Yes, the Jabra A210 which plugs into the headset jack on the phone. It's an external bt unit and does work with voicecmd if you want to go that route. I have it and it works fine, but it's yet another thing you have to keep charged. FWIW.

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