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    Quote Originally Posted by psywzrd View Post
    Depending on how much time you have left on your contract, it might be cheaper to just lower your plan to the lowest possible one and ride it out until your contract is up.
    Yep, that is my plan so I can continue to take advantage of in-network free calling. I know a lot of people on VZW. I'll have to work a spreadsheet and make the cost effective move. I get 25% discount on Sprint and 21% discount on VZW.

    To respond to the OP - yes, I'm considering a switch and would try it for the 15 days. I was a Sprint customer years ago and the coverage and service was horrid. Hopefully, it has improved significantly.

    I'd rather go with an unlocked 700wx on Cingular though so I've not fully decided yet.
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    BTW, does sprint have EDvo or Edge? Are the data speeds about even (verizon / sprint)?
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    Sprint has EVDO, Cingular has Edge.

    The brochure says data speeds in the range of 400 to 600kbps.
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    Gotcha, is Edge & EVDO about the same in speed?
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    Edge is an older technology and I think maxes out at 200kbps. It has better coverage than EVDO so depending on where you live it might be a better option. If you have EVDO where you live then that is your fastest option currently.

    Note that Edge will eventually be replaced with UMTS/HSPDA which will be similar speeds to EVDO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi View Post
    You'll be waiting awhile then. Palm has already released two CDMA models this year (700W & 700P) and they still haven't released any new GSM Treos so their next CDMA release is gonna be awhile.
    If that is true, then I will probably have to give in and get the 700wx
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