is running an easy contest to win free copies of the popular Motionapps mVoice software (valued $25/each).

mVoice is designed and optimized for Treo 700w smartphones mVoice is intuitive and easy to use making recording sound just as easy as taking short textual notes on your Treo. The UI is based upon best-practices product recommendations and developed with one goal in mind: to provide users with optimal features while retaining an uncluttered, simple interface.

* Record sound files directly on Treo 700w
* Intuitive and easy to use UI
* Store recordings on external SD card
* Share your recordings
* Start recording the new file with a single key press
* Record in the background
* Play back recordings on your device - or append new recordings.
* Optimized for Treo 700w

Click on image above to participate! Good luck!