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    yeh its only once a year.

    On the other note not looking too good itll be availible today 8/31 like some had said and gotten from reps, but I guess things could change come morning time, my rep said call back at like 8am and they should know more when I called at 9pm tonight because they saidit wasnt in the system as of then which i didnt expect. 3rd should be solid date though.
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    Not looking too great for today, nothing on consumer or business websites, nothing in telesales order sytem either as of 830am the 31st
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    I am confirming with our Sprint corp support person. They showed that it would be available today and will tell me if there is stock to order.

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    I was told yesterday by a business CSR that the launch had been delayed "a few days" because the OS was slowing/freezing ("just like the 6700" he said--funny but my 6700 does NOT slow or freeze). Take this with a large grain of salt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kash76 View Post
    I am confirming with our Sprint corp support person. They showed that it would be available today and will tell me if there is stock to order.
    ok please post any info asap please

    and TB id take that with a 1ton boulder of rock salt because the Palm stores recieved stock over a week ago, they didnt recall them all to change stuff. They were already retail boxed and shipped and ready for sale.
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    I'm also waiting to hear from my Sprint contact. I even told him about the user guide for the 700wx appearing last night, he said that as far as he knows it is launching today. He said if it wasn't, Sprint would have pulled the user guide. I'll post once I hear something.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Still kinda sucks because if they dont get the orders before noon they dont ship out today, theyd ship out tomm and not come till Tues. because of the holiday monday. Deja vu of the 700p fiasco they pulled
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    I'll add another datapoint to the "no joy yet" crowd - nothing from telesales, retentions. As usual, everybody has a different day they say it's going to be available.
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    After having to be transferred 3 ties to the actual "business" department (general sales knew nada about the phone), a rep from the business dept. told me they will be available the end of September. Nice. This was 5 minutes ago.
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    Is there anyway to find out whether the Palm retail store in Cali is selling them today?
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    Call the store

    Palm Retail Store The Grove

    West Los Angeles, CA 323.692.0600

    The price is $649.00

    I doubt they are opened yet, but let us know.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    there actually might be somethin with this delay thing, business telesales ust said no ah ah to the w's they dont even have them to sell. Lady said few weeks still even though some people may have flyers already
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    Palm opens @10:00 PST, if I remember I will call around then
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    Well problem with that being if Sprint isnt selling them you wont be able to activate it if its not in their system, and thats if Sprint hasnt told Palm stores not to sell yet.

    Im really seeing this as a delayed launch now the way its going so far today. So much for our money hard at work for all that marketing material they printed that said Aug31/Sept3. Great so see money being burned when theyre alreayd in the financial crapper
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepat View Post
    After having to be transferred 3 ties to the actual "business" department (general sales knew nada about the phone), a rep from the business dept. told me they will be available the end of September. Nice. This was 5 minutes ago.
    I heard the same thing from Sprint a couple of days ago but never put any credence in it. The store rep states that they recieved an email that the wx is delayed until late September or first of October. I still earmarked it as rumor but we will see..
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    business telesales said the same mid sept. now, this is bull. Didnt Palm stores already receive stock and a rep there posted boxed pics? Wow nice screwup once again Sprint
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    Get a grip. Sprint didn't come out and promiss any of you it would be released today or any day. Stop acting like they raped your sister while pouring a jar a sugar down your gas tank.

    They promissed you nothing, if we got riled up over a new phone's release with unoffical information or spotty information from reps we already know are not in the loop then its our own fault.

    Most people couldn't give a crap about this phone's release, its not the end of the world and Sprint didn't screw anyone. For all we know its a shipping issue from Palm or whatever. If its not on their site to buy don't expect to be able to buy it.
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    Aridon is right, like I said in the other thread we have the pleasure/frustration of fidning out things we weren't really intended to know. We never got an official announcement, therefore we can't be mad at Sprint or Palm. I know it's frustrating, but it'll be here soon enough.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    no nothing was "official" per say besides the literature that people released copies of, but it is a big deal to some especially when reps open their mouths notknowing the right answers. Persoanlly I would have rather had the answer "in a week or 2" than someone tell me a date that im looking foward to and then be let down. Plenty of people posted CS reply emails and corporate rep convos that quoted the 31st. CS should NOT answer questions if they do not know the truth /correct answers. Its liek that old saying your mom used to tell you"if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything" well if they dont have anything correct to say dont say anything just say "soon" or"in the next few weeks" thats better than getting a bunch of pissed off people like over on SU who got emails stating the 31st as the date. I mean im sorry when someone who works in the company says this is the date,then thats the date you figure they have some kind of knowledge or something passed down from corporate like company email. I get what youre sayng about rumors on message boards but Ive seen at least 10 people post emails on SU that quoted the 31st.

    Personally I just put my phone up for sale yesterday anticipating the released today to have it either tomm or tues. It does screw up things for some people when you say so and so date and then decide well that asnt offical so it doesnt count we open our mouthsand push it back even further. i hope my phone doesnt sell for a few days at least....
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    The Palm Retail Store at The Grove definitley does not have the phones. The guy who took those pictures that have been circulating on the web was actually fired from Palm. The employees over at that store and the other Palm Store in Santa Monica are very cautious with giving too much information on the 700wx and still claim they don't know the release date. After going into the store personally, I was finally given an answer of Sept 3rd and the store would have special discounts instore. Im guessing some sort of rebates exclusive to palm store purchases.

    I'm just tired of sprint delaying, they need to get ontop of the phone release. I left GSM carriers where I was buying unlocked phones every other month to come to Sprint becuase of faster internet and better reception. At least give me the opportunity to blow some money on some new phones.
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