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    midnight sounds like the magical number from what ive been hearing. It was SUPPOSED to be availible this morning but someone screwed up and they couldnt order it in the system. If not tonight im sure itll be in the morning, they can see it now, just cant set the actual order. Should be late tonight/early tomm.

    Im with you Jimmie im praying for a sat delivery im very impatient and want it now! Tues is soooo far away lol

    Im really wondering if retentions will let medo that, go to the store pay full price but charge it to my account and then credit my account down to the price theyre going to give it to me for, same difference wil jsut get it tomm. But then the worry of finding a store with them in sets in and maybe just get my order in early and pray for sat delivery or wait till tues and make sure i get one ordered before the holiday
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    what kind of deals is everyone being offered through retentions? and are you contract bound or not? so far they have offered me a $275.00 discount on the purchase of ANY new phone, and I have 9 months left on my contract....
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    well they are only offering it to me because of a policy snaffu I caught and brought up so they contacted me and offered me a rebate, didnt even call to ask for it. I think im getting about the same kind of discount you are, about the same amount. Yes any deal u take through retentions usually requires resigning 2 years
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    I keep seeing all this stuff about retentions retentions retentions. What is their number, what is the procedure, what do I say, what will they say, if I screw up will they cancel me instead of giving me my 700wx, etc etc

    EDIT: I just saw where that requires a new 2yr agreement. I'm not gonna do that, never mind lol
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    I believe retentions is a part of the Sprint corporation that is involved in making sure customers stay with Sprint. What you do is call them threatening to leave to go to Verizon, Cingulair etc. They will in return offer you a rebate or discount in an attempt to keep you on Sprint.
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    yeh but theres also factors to that too. Not everyone will get deals, it depends on your plan (aka how much you spend on them) how long youve been with them, the reps mood even, how nice you are to them and how you word yourself. I wouldnt call unless you have a valid reason and are ready to possibly have your line cancelled cause it sometimes happens
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes View Post
    I tried to login to the treocentral wiki, but says my user name doesn't exist. I tried to create a new account, but it keeps sending me back to the login with my treocentral username and password. I'd love to contribute.
    Oh NOES! I had thought the wiki was only rejecting characters like [,],{,$!$, etc.. but apparently it's also not able to handle spaces.

    Gah. I'll look into getting that fixed. In the meantime, I can change your username to JimmieGeddes if you like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by septimus View Post
    Oh NOES! I had thought the wiki was only rejecting characters like [,],{,$!$, etc.. but apparently it's also not able to handle spaces.

    Gah. I'll look into getting that fixed. In the meantime, I can change your username to JimmieGeddes if you like.

    Can you please, I'd love to contribute.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Thanks Septimus. I posted something, if it's not what you want let me know.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    geez, this <<edited by septimus>> I appear to have stepped in really stinks. And of course, I don't believe it for a second.
    Thank you for contacting Sprint together with Nextel. I will be happy to answer your question.

    I have looked into the Sprint Treo 700wx and unfortunately no information is available yet in regard to when it is coming out and how much it will cost. As more information becomes available to us, it will also be posted on our website.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please reply or contact our Customer Care Specialist by dialing *2TALK on your Sprint PCS phone or at 1-888-211-4727.

    We value your business and thank you for contacting Sprint.

    Raelene H.
    Sprint together with Nextel
    "Where our customers come first!"
    << edited by septimus >>
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    yeh they are playing real hush hush right now. Few people claim to have put orders in today but i call bull and theyll end up getting mailed a nice 700p instead because the wx isnt availible to order as of 5 min ago when i called retentions.
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    Ooooo boy is THAT gonna make some people switch to Verizon in a hurry. lol.
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    i dunno if id go THAT far just because cost to ave verizon is so much more expensive, but yes its, as obviously shown, pissing a lot of people off they are being so secretive about everything like its a matter of national security
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    I'm kinda bummed that it got delayed, as I was hoping to have a new toy to play with over the weekend to show off to the friends. Oh well, hopefully it'll still come out somewhat soon.

    "How about I take it to the next level"
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    wi-fi for the 700wx?
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    NO, only with an SDIO card.

    Sprint - Treo 650, 700wx, 800w, Touch Pro
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    strange. I called today and the sprint lady said that it has wi-fi. How could I check the specifications?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmieGeddes View Post
    Do you even remember Palm's m5xx fiasco of announcing them months in advance? I do. That killed Palm. You don't gotta give Sprint your business, they didn't do anything wrong if you really feel that way, don't buy it. Some companies prefer not to pre-announce products like Apple, and Palm.
    Jimmie - No, I don't remember that, because I have always avoided Palm. Preferring my windows based Pocket PCs. But now that I can combine my phone and my pocket pc, I want to do that. I looked into the windows based Treo and know several people who have the 650 and 700 palm based and it looks perfect for what I want.

    I guess my main point, is just the overall subterfuge. If I could get a firm date - Sept 1, Sept 3 or even Sept, 10th, that would be one thing, but from the postings on here, as of today people are still being told mid-Sept, late Sept, October and never. To me, this is just very poor customer service.

    As for announcing the m500, there has to be more to the story then that. The only way to sell a product is to market it and create market push and create a buzz, not try to kill it in the womb. People are not going to buy what they don't know exists. Maybe Palm and Apple are both hurting because of the lack of product hype?

    Not trying to cause an issue, just trying to explain why some of us were a little upset by reports of late September and October. If it is available within a week, I am fine with that. If I have to wait much longer...

    Overall, I am just psyched about the product and thus the strong desire to get it asap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kash76 View Post
    Off subject but you should do your research on the technical differences between the two. In my mind for video HDDVD is better. MPEG4 vs MPEG2 for example.
    Off subject response: Yeah, I have been reading some things lately that have made me wonder whether I should go with HDD or BlueRay. However, I have never gone wrong with Sony. I have a camera, two digital camcorders, lots of stereo components. I believe Sony will be using MPEG2 shortly - I'm kind of in a wait and see mode right now...
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    To stay off topic....

    As far as Sony- Minidisc anyone? What a waste of 500 dollars that was!

    Bluray is supposed to be great, and the PS3 alone will make Bluray DVD sales inevitable, so its not a bad choice. I have an xbox 360 that I neber get around to playing with, but it is an HD-DVD player also so hopefully I'll use it for that. As far as which format is "better," I have no idea

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