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    I am the recepient of a new Treo 700w as of this past Tuesday, after my Treo 650 died on me after 18 months of solid use. With the Treo 650 I was using Cingular and used Goodlink for access to my Exchange based work email. I could go a couple of days without charging the unit, and even make a few phone calls during that time.

    With the new Treo 700w however, I am noticing I can not make it through a full work day without the need to charge the unit. Now, to be fair, I am using ActiveSync with my Exchange Server, and have the unit configured to sync every 5 minutes (originally I had it set to on-event, but in an attempt to save battery life I've changed it). As for my email usage, I'm receiving ~200 emails a day, sending about 10 emails a day, and probably doing about 30 minutes of voice calls.

    Is this normal? What steps can I take to prolong my battery life, as I would really like to be able to go a solid 24 hours or more without the need to charge the battery.
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    GSM phones always get better bettery life in comparable models because of thenetwork differences. Also with syncing every 5 min youre killing the battery with data, if you can get away with it try 10 or 20 min youll notice a huge difference. For serious email users you shouldve gotten a blackberry then its an email machine.

    Id suggest the seidio extended battery, lasts like an extra 50% longer or so
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    How often is your device set to sync with the Exchange server, or is it AUTD? And in addition to the exchange server, do you have any POP/IMAP accounts set up in messaging? Also, have you updated your device? Verify that your bluetooth is not set to discoverable.
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    I've got my device set for sync'ing every 5 minutes during peak times, and every 10 minutes during non-peak (peak is defined as M-F, 7am - 7pm). I've also got no other accounts setup, and I have bluetooth turned off as well as IR turned off.
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    the only solution if you need to check email every 5 min all day is get an extended battery honestly. I dont think they really anticipated people needing to check email every 5 min so the stock battery wont handle that all day
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    How many emails do you get a day? If you're on an Exchange server you should check "As items arrive".
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    here are some ideas:

    1. get an extra ac charger (they're inexpensive) for work location. get a quality car charger (avoid using unless emergency; they tend to cause minor damage/wear out lithium batteries).

    2. make your display a notch or two dimmer. set the display to turn off after 1 minute of non-use.

    3. set "lights" to turn off after a minute of non-use.

    i finally have Agile Messenger set up so that it's VERY battery efficient. now i can leave it on and connected all day. good luck!
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    I get about 200 emails a day, although I don't read them all on the Treo... a lot of the time I just read them on the desktop, so they are updating status on the Treo at the next sync. As for the "As items arrive", I noticed this to be even worse on the battery -- as ActiveSync seemed to never really "shut off" with this setting.

    I've set the brightness down 2 notches, and I do have the timeout set to 1 minute.

    I've also got the extended life battery on order (I ordered it last week). So we'll see.

    It just seems that this Treo isn't usable for a true business user in it's out-of-the-box configuration.
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    I have the Seido extended batt and it increased my life around 30%.

    Make sure your Bluetooth is "off" especially if you do not use it.
    Also "Receive all incoming Beams" is set to "off" as well.

    Turn brightness down to the lowest possible setting that is tolerable. I used to use the first bar (before pitch black)...until the Seido.

    I seem to get better battery life in EVDO areas. When I go to 1X areas, I notice that the battery drains 2x+ fast.
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    why do you need to have the emails download to the TREO when you are by a PC during the day? Can't you do the auto sync once you are no longer at a PC? I do that and I do atleast 1-2 hrs of talking and get atleast 2 days between charge on my stock battery.
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    I've turned off all push/pull email and just manually get my email when I need it. My battery life is now 3 to 4 days.
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    Doesn't it drain your battery faster when your "connected" to EVDO?

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