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    Hi, i'm new, I've been following the threads here, and also tried the search but couldn't find my answer.

    I will get a Treo 700w tomorrow, and I would like to run SSH on it, I heard pocketputty has problem with backspace and Ctrl key. was wondering what SSH client that you use that you can confirm it's working, and the optimum settings that you think it should be using?

    Thank you so much!

    p/s: pssh is free and works very well for Treo 650, just wondering if there's one for 700w too.
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    Search Google for ssh windows mobile

    You'll find a couple more besides pocket putty.
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    Hi Atlasyeo, I am getting ready to migrate from my very old 650 to a new 700wx so I was wondering what the resolution was... What did you end-up doing? Is it working well? Let me know! Thanks

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