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    Just added this to the Wiki Treo page.
    Another choice for a Verizon 700w user is SmartVideo. They offer over 25 channels. They have three different ways to pay for their "Basic Package." One is monthly for 12.95. Weekly for 7.95. Daily for 2.50. The Basic channels consist of: ABC, ABC News on Demand, ABC News Now, Bloomberg, CNBC, College Sports TV, Court TV Live, Court TV Clips, Court TV Headlines, Court TV News, Discovery Mobile, EPIC Sports, E!, Fashion TV, FOX Sports, Fun Little Movies, iFILM, MSNBC, NBC Mobile, Professional Championship Wrestling, Rascals Comedy Classics, Vegas Sports, The Weather Channel, The Weather Channel Local. The premium stations that are available are: DIC Cartoons, Rascal Comedy Classics Premium, Content Asia Network, and Naked News. More information and if you want to buy it can be found at
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    Hmmm...they have a pic of a Treo 650 which is Palm. That's kinda false advertising isnt it?
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    has any one try this on the 700w if so how do you like it and what package did you get

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