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    Just recently, I started playing with WirelessSync, and due to some problems with it (including having 43 contacts deleted on me), I decided that I wanted to back up from the whole process. I finally decided that I could live with a hard reset of the Treo 700w and get it back to factory settings, and get my remaining contacts from Outlook over to my Treo.

    Here are some things I noticed before I continue…
    The 43 contacts that got deleted due to some syncing issues, were contacts that had an associated picture with it.

    So now that I got everything back and running on the reset Treo, it seems that if I add a picture unto a contact in Outlook 2003, that contact will not transfer or update over to the Treo. If I take the picture off of the contact in Outlook 2003 the contact will sync up just fine. If I add a picture to the contact within the Treo, that contact will sync up with Outlook 2003 and I will see that same picture in the contact within Outlook 2003. Now if I edit that same contact that now has a picture that was set in the Treo earlier, using Outlook 2003 to make the edit, that contact will NOT sync up to the Treo.

    So it looks like if I have a picture in a contact within Outlook 2003, I am unable to sync them up. I KNOW I was able to do this just fine before messing around with WirelessSync. According to customer support, I was told that I was never supposed to be able to set a picture on a contact within Outlook 2003, and have it Sync up to the Treo. That doesn’t seem right to me, since before it was working just fine.

    Has anyone had this problem before…or know of a solution? Should I be posting this message elsewhere as well? Let me know and I’ll do so.

    Thanks for any info.
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    I'm planning to make the switch from my POS 650 to the 700wx as soon as they're available, so I'm very interested in responses to this question. I have pics set up on at least half my contacts so this could be a huge issue.

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