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    Okay, folks, instead of starting a massive flame war over "how we got screwed as early adopters" and playing the blame game with Palm and Verizon, the point of this thread is to actually do something constructive and figure out how we can upgrade our units to the 700wx. Specifically, let's start with addressing the following questions:

    1) Will Verizon or Palm offer a trade-in or upgrade program for 700w owners to the 700wx?

    2) Will they offer to somehow retro-fit the existing 700w units?

    3) When will Verizon even carry the 700wx, if at all?

    4) Are Verizon business customers being given special treatment / upgrades or being notified of any special business programs?

    5) What exactly are Verizon CSR's saying about this right now? Do they have a clue what you're talking about when you call in about the 700wx?

    6) Any chance to get out of contracts over this?

    More questions and answers welcome!
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    I know others will probably disagree with me, but I dont think we are being screwed at all. Its been over 6 months since the 700w came out. Now a newer better version is being released. Thats what happens in the tech world, newer, better versions come out. Not sure we deserve anything besides the unit we already paid for.
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    I wonder if I could sue IBM for that POS PC they sold me back in hard drive and monochrome monitor!!!

    What a scam!
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    Gotta admit that I'm thinking the response will be "**** off" and, umm... you:

    Quote Originally Posted by adamt
    "got screwed as early adopters"
    Goodbye treo 600...hello treo 700wx!!
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    Some Sprint owners would say that the screwing took place right after the contract signing with Verizon. Some would, but not I.
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    I'd agree with you on the "every 6 months" thing in regards to new technologies, phones, CPU's, it applies everywhere nowadays - But the problem here is that I personally feel that the 700w with 32MB of memory was a design flaw / oversight. Obviously Sprint agreed. Other posters here have commented that they refused to even sell the Palm units until the memory "issue" was fixed due to all of the technical support issues encountered by Verizon customers during the first 6 months of this year.

    Sadly, if they had called it the Treo 750, this wouldn't be as big of an issue. If this was a planned upgrade, it also wouldn't be as big of an issue. It was unplanned because of what some of us deem a mistake by Palm. Hence the feeling of getting screwed.
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    i kinda feel screwed a little. but i dont have time to mount any campaigns or anything...chalk it up to experience. Sprint still s*cks
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    talk about getting screwed. what about those of use that weren't on verison. it's been over 8 months for us to get this device. if you want to talk fair I think all carriers should be able to carry the same phones if they wish.

    if you have such a problem with this then I would suggest not buying anything ever again. just rent it. or lease it. tomorrow there will always be something better.
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    I don't feel screwed by having the 700W well in advance of Sprint users getting the 700WX. Time will ALWAYS see advances in technologies.
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    For anyone on verizon to say they got screwed is totally ludicrous! That's what happens when you make a phone "exclusive" for any amount of time. The phone manufacture will get the last laugh every time. Palm has just as much to do with this as Sprint. In order to understand what is going on here, look at it this way....

    Palm/Verizon release the 700w back in January. The new phone is exclusive to Verizon for 8+ months. Now "typicaly" when a new treo is released sprint, verizon, cingular, etc. will release there "treo xxx" model. Not this time........ back in january, at that time, our treo 650's were over a year old. So that ment the typical "treo-upgraders" would have to switch to verizon if they wanted the next new treo. Over the next 8 months Palm saw 50%-75% of their treo sales fall from a year over year perspective, because they did not have a "new treo" model to offer to the masses.

    Fast forward to august.........

    palm has sufferd in sales revenue for 2quarters. All of the sales revenue Palm usually sees was cut due to the verizon "exclusive" period. Palm knew once this period was up, it could not offer the same problem riddled 700w to other carriers and expect them to buy. Palm also knew that most sprint customer would not leave sprint for verizon just to get a new treo. Palm knows we smartphone users are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to our phones. So in order for sprint buyers to buy the 700w it would have to be "better" than it has been for verizon. I am willing to bet palm made the choice to upgrade the 700w memory not sprint. By doing so, this assures Palm that they will "recapture" allof that lost revenue that comes from sprint.

    But what about the GSM'ers?

    GSM users have had to sit back through all of this with no hope in sight until recently. Palm will reward their patience with the next "trully new" treo with the 750w/p.

    So with the release of the 700w, 700p the 700wx and soon to be released 750w and 750p, Palm is poised to make a killing. We all know the form factor can't be beat, its now just a matter of what OS suits you.

    Verzion owners don't be mad, you have had this phone for 8 months. You will now feel what we felt.....not having the newest treo to upgrade to. We all should be happy, us sprint and verizon users have had 2 treo models released in the same year. while the poor GSM'er are still holding on to their 650's.

    After its all said and done the GSM'ers will have the last laugh! Cause I don't think the trully "new" Treo 750w/p will ever make it to sprint or verizon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc
    if you have such a problem with this then I would suggest not buying anything ever again. just rent it. or lease it. tomorrow there will always be something better.
    Thank you... I can't believe people were expecting anything different. When Palm released the 700w, they didn't think they made a "mistake". Technology changes everyday ESPECIALLY when it comes to electronics. Any phone you buy, in 6 mos or more (or even less) you will see something that having known it was releasing, you would have waited for. I'm not saying you should be happy about the news, or even happy with your 700w, but this should be commonplace and anticipated even.

    Besides, was it fair that that Sprint subscribers who were Treo enthusiasts but also Windows enthusiast were locked out from owning their dream phone ( a windows Treo) due to some exclusivity contract? I don't know..
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    I think that once the 700wx hits the streets, it will be a very short time until PPCTechs, who have already got a hardware mod done, will have the software side of it sorted. The upgrade could therefore be just around the corner.
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    FWIW I emailed VZW asking if they would be offering the 700wx this year and they said they can't release any info on unannounced products and suggested I look at their other phones currently available.
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    Give me a break. You bought a phone and they came out with a better version about nine months after the launch of the first one. Too bad. Get over it.
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    Boo hoo.
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    yep, early adopters always run such a risk, IMO. I have always waited 6-12 months before jumping on the newest "thing" (OK, except for the Livestrong yellow wristband - I was an early adopter on that one!) just to save myself from the eventual "doh"!
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    Actually I think there is a good case for a class action suit. Palm should know, they have lost enough of them in the past.

    Here, let me help the lawyers:
    "We contend that Palm Inc intentionally and with aforethought released a product that had an amount of SDRAM below industry standards, and intentionally concealed this information from the buying public.

    This defect in design caused damages to users in the form of out of memory errors more frequently than was usual for devices compliant with industry standards, and impeded the performance of the device, causing a higher frequency of errors in Exchange Synchronization, one of the primary functions of the device. Also the device had a more limited ability to multi-task, another primary feature of the Windows Mobile Operating System.

    The defect in design was not immediately obvious to purchasers of the device, and has been consistently concealed in promotional literature and on Palm Inc's website. The presence of a much more limited amount of SDRAM was further intentionally concealed by misleading phrases such as (128 MB (60 MB RAM) in Palm Inc's promotional literature.

    Palm Inc needs to make restitution to buyers who were intentionally mis-sold a product with a significant design flaw. This can be achieved by either replacing the defective devices with an updated design now available with an industry standard amount of SDRAM, offering to refund buyers and free them from any purchase contracts entered into with carriers, or offering an amount in restitution of $200, allowing purchasers to access third party repair of the defect.

    In addition we will ask the court for punitive damages in the amount of $30 000 000, to be disimbursed to buyers of Treo 700w handheld devices. This would amount to 10 times the cost savings Palm Inc made by not including $10 of SDRAM in 300 000 Treo 700w devices, and thereby dissuade Palm from similar actions in the future."
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    Apparently those that feel "screwed" don't understand the history of Palm. They have done the "bump the memory, add an x" deal since forever.

    III - IIIx

    V - Vx

    VII - VIIx

    Tungsten T - Tungsten T2

    This is normal, this is product evolution, this is good.

    Hell, its still a Windows machine anyway, why would you want it?
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    To be honest you cant be complaining, times change and things progess as other people have said.

    You just have to bite the bullet if you like.

    If you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology be prepared to have the wallet for it, and the wardrobe space for all those redundant devices (eBay)
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    Quote Originally Posted by surur View Post
    Actually I think there is a good case for a class action suit. Palm should know, they have lost enough of them in the past.

    Here, let me help the lawyers:

    There, an answer to boo hoo.

    I made it very clear from the very beginning that I felt that Palm purposely short sheeted the Treo 700. I am not generally a big fan of class action law suits and don't support this one, but I do personally tend to agree with the statements made in that one. I never bought the 700 because I felt it was substandard to the industry norms for the previous 1 1/2 years. I even called Palm 3 times to get an answer about the actual 32 MB of memory and each time they refused to comment on it. I think that this is a valid concern when we look at the fact that Palm has a long history of taking short cuts against the customer's best interest...mainly shorting the memory.

    Now with that said.....hmmm...64 MB memory....I might have to take a second look at the 700wx.

    Okay...I am done rambling.....
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