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    it looks like someone has got in trouble for sharing info on the 700wx. all there posts and included info has been removed from the site. even there user name has been removed from the members list. thats too bad.

    i dont want to say too much but i do want to say thanks, you know who you are. you have given the people some of the best info out there. i hope you didn't get in to bad of trouble.

    edit: to all those who dont know whom i am talking about. dont be fustrated with this looking like an inside topic. lets just say someone from this site who, gives us information about future products, is on the hot seat for his actions.

    to all those who give this type of info and take chances by soing so... this thread for you . you guys make tc a better place.
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    I agree, he should be rewarded by Palm and/or Sprint for helping increase the buzz about the device which will increase sales.
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    Huh? I wasn't paying attention. Hoodat? I guess I got distracted by the Sept 12 GSM Treo news and didn't pay too much attention to the Sprint-side 700wx stuff.
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    Who do you refer to?
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    I'd also like to say thanks. There was no harm, if anything it created buzz. Palm did a great job keeping it under wraps this long, who would've thought Sprint would get a new Windows Mobile Treo, not just the same 700w?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Who do you refer to?
    I feel with everything being removed his name SHOULD NOT be mentioned. this thread is just to say thanks. thanks for taking the risks he did. sorry for not giving names. i'm sure you can understand.
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    I'm not sure who, what, or where you are talking about. But oh well.
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    Thanks for all of the info that was shared. I feel better about spending my hard earned $649 dollars on this phone thanks to your info. If not for you, I would have had to wait, find out if the phone really had more memory, Place my order several days after it is released....only to find out it is now on back order! Thanks to you I will be buying as soon as it hits the web!

    Thanks! ________________
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod
    I'm not sure who, what, or where you are talking about. But oh well.
    LOL, same here, but thank you anyways!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Who do you refer to?
    me thinks m*u*r*p*h*0*4???

    what a shame. <lifting a beer> thanks pal!
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    this should explain it.
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    just google the above mentioned nickname and see the cached page... ta-da
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    this should explain it.
    I hadnt seen the video yet...thanks.
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