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    I have Verizon wireless sync on my 700w. I tried using it, but found that I really didn't use it, and also that the program doesn't work as well as I thought. It also leaves a stinky little icon on my Today screen. I would like to get rid of the program entirely (knowing that I can reinstall anytime with a download from Verizon).

    I went to Start>Settings>Remove Programs, thinking it would be like the remove programs scenario on my PC, but found that not all programs on the PPC are populated.

    Could one of you all give me some help or instruction on how to remove Verizon Wireless Sync?

    Thanks much, OJ
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    I haven't installed Wireless Sync but I see it in my Programs list. There must be a way to deactive it or something. I can test it out on my demo treo at work Monday. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    I initially had the same problem with the silly icon on the bottom...and couldn't remove it.
    The only way I could take it off was to HARD RESET and re-install everything again.
    ...and never run Wireless sync again.
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