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    Anyone with AOL Instant Messaging using the Mobile AIM feature?
    I'd greatly appreciate you comments on it's use and issues.
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    Do a search here for Mobile AIM, and I think you'll find that folks have had trouble with it.

    I would recommend that you try Toccer. It's not fancy, but it works. And it's free! Do a search for it and you'll find a link to the free download.
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    Toccer has a Pocket PC version? I only see links for the Palm version.
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    Are you talking about the AIM feature that let's you IM by sms? I use Mobile AIM on my 650. I have 1000 sms per month included in my plan so I don't have to worry about the charges. The codes are awkward to use, but you can enter them in your contacts. Toccer is well regarded, but uses your data connection, and drains the battery quickly. Mobile AIM is a way to appear always on line without using extra battery power.
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    I just use AIM forwarding to keep my screenname online 24/7. If I'm not signed on at the pc all IM's go to my phone as sms messages. If I need to initiate an IM I'll load the AIM client, but I usually just sms people from my phone anyway.

    I like AIM forwarding because I don't need to leave my treo on to receive IM's and it doesn't require a data connection to work. Plus it's free since I have the 2000 SMS free plan that was offered a while back.
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    I do the same thing, hannip. When I want to have an extensive chat, I use my laptop.
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    AIM forwarding for me too. Agilemessenger for more extensive chatting.

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