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    I use Activesync/Exchange to wirelessly sync to my work Outlook email, and also have mail delivered from a POP account.

    Right now I get the mail delivered into two different in-boxes. Has anyone figured out a way to have them delievered into one 700W inbox?

    At work its not a problem since my outlook desktop client inbox gets both the POP mail and the exchange mail in the same inbox. When I had a XV6600, I used intellisync which had both POP and Outlook mail in the same inbox as well.

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    Exchange goes to "outlook email" because you do not use OUTLOOK to send/recieve data. You can have your POP go to the same folder if you use a different program to obtain email, perhaps wireless sync? Not sure how exchange and wireless sync work together on the same device, but if you really want one inbox I think you should volunteer to be the guinea pig!

    (this is just a suggestion to see if it would work. I have not tried nor do I guarantee its effectiveness. Thank you)

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