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    Does anyone know of a program that can disable push email or an email sync when the reception is low? I'm in a low reception area for a good part of the day and would like it to sync only when I have decent reception so my battery doesn't get sucked dry so fast.
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    How about you just change your push settings when you see the reception is low, or you know you'll be in a bad area? It's pretty easy to do, really....
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    I walk in and out of this area many times per day. Manually changing things is not a substitute for a feature that is lacking.
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    i'd love that feature...
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    This would be a great feature, after going in and out of the subway and walking around the city, there are certainly times when I am without service during the day. If there was a feature/app that could kill activesync when the wireless connection was unavailable, I'd probably be able to restore my battery life somewhat.

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