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    Does anyone know if the treo 700w can be configured to view the traffic maps on (link below)

    what I would love to do is log onto a site that gives detailed info on traffic. Palm is advertising a program (Palm traffic??) that requires a monthly fee, but I would rather find 1 for free

    So far, the best I have come up with is the google maps (with traffic enabled) (i would like more detail than this gives) in conjuction with this great nyc traffic cam mobile website:

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    I am aware that the website says this cannot be done, however I was thinking that someone would be able to provide a solution similar to the google maps / java workout discussed in this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boboo
    this great nyc traffic cam mobile website:

    Wow. GREAT link!

    What an awesome awesome find. THANKS!
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    If you like the NYC highway cams, you will also like the bridges and tunnels:

    Or for a 1 time flat fee, try this:
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