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    everytime I go to yahoo mail, I have to enter my username & password. isn't there a way to get PIE to remember it like in IE?
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    Are you using Memmaid or SKtools or some other cleaning type program to 'clean' out your treo? Most programs will erase cookies as well, unless you tell them not to.
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    no - I have not installed anything. Even went to the TOOLS-->OPTIONS to make sure that the ALLOW COOKIES option is checked. GMAIL is able to store the information, Yahoo weather also stores my location. It is only the Yahoo mail that asks me to input everytime.
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    Hmm. Sorry. I don't know about that one. I never check my yahoo mail on my treo, but if I have time, I'll try it out.
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    I don't have this problem when I check my Yahoo mail from the website on my Treo 700w. It works from Y! Mail and from the regular

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