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    Brand new smart phone user here.

    Decided on the 700w today (over the 700p) and BRIEFLY the Q. Have yet to purchase it though....

    1) I use a mac at home, will syncing a mac calander with the w be problematic?

    2) The treo has been out since january. Are software or hardware upgrades planned soon? How long are phones typically released before the upgrades? i saw this one already

    3) i am not clear on how i get things into my phone from my computer. I sync them up but is it software that permits me to do this? I will want to upload Mp3s and my updated calender.

    4) Ive been reading the complaints about the memory, but doesnt buying one of those extra memory cards solve this issue? I dont understand this.

    Oh, and in case your interested in why i chose the 700w...

    I eliminated the Q rather quickly when i kept hearing how bad the battery life was. Some users cant make it through a DAY. Unacceptable. I also thought it was rather wide feeling and wasnt that comfortable in the hand as the treo. PLus i dont like the raised rounded buttons on it compared to the treo's flatter ones. I think the treo is easier to type on. touch screen is cooler.

    I eliminated the 700P when i used each OS side by side. I was really expecting to be wowed by the p's better resolution but i could not tell the difference between either. I guess i am not a "power user" as they say. I just liked the look of the windows OS better. It was interesting to see the Palm OS looks exactly the same as it did on my 1998 palm pda!! The menu system for the windows OS had me sold easily, and i admit i like all the pretty colors. (Note i use a mac)
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