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    I maybe dreaming, but I thought I remember seeing a post here about using a different html address to have larger google local maps in Pocket Internet Explorer on the treo 700, but I've searched and I can't find anything.

    Can anybody help?
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    Thanks photojunky, but that still only displays a small 1inch x 1inch map on my screen. I was hoping I thought I saw a post to where I could have google local maps that filled my whole screen. Even forcing me to use horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
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    When you are on the website, go Menu | View. Default is probably selected. Choose Desktop instead and you should get a bigger map that you can use the scroll bars.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks, I tried that. That only makes the 'webpage' bigger, but the map is still 1"x1".
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    I think I figured it out. I saw where you said you were in Google local maps. When I did it, I just went to my today screen and seached for Google Maps, then selected it and put in my address. When I do what I said in my prior post, I get a map that fills my screen and then I can scroll both ways to move around on it. If I go to Google local, I get a tiny map that is useless. Try the main Google maps.

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    Follow this post:

    Install the java app and google maps mobile. i think it will be what you want. I've been using it and love it.
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    Thanks GregE. That'll work just great. And thanks lawrence.c.lee. I had already loaded that, but gave up on it. I decided to take another look at it and is pretty cool. Now I have 2 options.

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