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    A user is complaining that on 50% of the calls he has to unlock the MSFP
    lock screen before he can answer a call. It's happening on all our Treo 700w's but this guy says he cannot live with it because he's just can't managed the keys fast enough.

    A tech at Palm Treo 700 support (866-697-7256) confirmed this morning they
    know this is possible and it requires a change to the "Group Policy" on the
    Exchange server, they said.

    Apparently if the caller is in the Contacts list the Treo
    700w will allow you to answer the call when the phone is locked. But unknown callers require you to unlock the screen before you can answer the call. Cool security feature, but how do you turn it off?

    In Exchange Manager under Global Settings, in the Properties of Mobile
    Devices, you can change many things, like the minimum password length,
    number of attempts before device wipe, minutes if inactivity, etc, but there
    is nothing about blocking unknown callers.

    But that he said "Group Policy" has me thinking I'm looking in the wrong
    place. He said because they do not have an Exchange server they could not be
    of further help but I should contact Microsoft. Great.

    Any Exchange Admins here? Any ideas?
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    I thought that was just normal. I have been having the same issues. I also thought it might be phone alarm but was not sure. If you find an answer please post it
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    I've set up direct push for our fortune 500 company and I've not uncovered any group policy settings that can do what you want. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $property$ $settings$ $of$ $mobile$ $devices$ $in$ $system$ $administrator$ $are$ $the$ $only$ $settings$ $you$ $can$ $change$ $that$ $affect$ $mobile$ $devices$ $connecting$ $with$ $AUTD$. $This$ $will$ $change$ $with$ $the$ $next$ $releases$ $of$ $Exchange$ $and$ $WM$ $btw$...

    However, there's so much in AD that I might very easily be missing something myself. I'll be watching this thread with some interest....

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