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    Every time I do a soft reset on my Treo, I have to unlock it in order to make a non-emergency call and/or to establish my data connection. I have never enabled this feature, and even after a hard reset, I am still prompted to unlock post soft reset. I also never entered a new password, so it's defaulted to the last 4 digits of my phone number.

    My settings are:
    Locking prevents all outgoing calls except emergency calls
    Auto-lock: Never

    Anybody else having this problem? Is there a solution?
    Treo 700W Verizon OS X 10.4.7
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    This draws the question: What do you define as a 'hard reset'?
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    For the Treo or any other Palm device all you have to do is first back up all your data. A Hard Reset will erase all information on yout Palm handheld. First press the reset pin and hold down the power button at the same time. Release the pin but still hold down the power button. Once the Palm Logo comes up release the power button. You should then see a message that says, "Erase all data?" If you have your Treo all backup and you want go ahead press the up button on the 5-way nav. If you don't want to press any other button on the Treo.
    Treo 700W Verizon OS X 10.4.7
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    mine is enforced by my employer using the MFSP, but it brings up a question: is a 911 emergency call allowed when locked? Of course, I can't easily test that...

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