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    Found this nifty free utility that will trigger the WM5 built in Messaging application to start a send/receive when a specific SMS message arrives. Works in the background. Essentially simulates push for any type of mail account, including POP3. Just forward a new message from your mail server to your cell carriers SMS server, which will send a message to your phone. This application "listens" for these carrier-specific SMS messages and will cause the Messaging application to pull new mail.

    ChatterEmail has this function on PalmOS but Messaging was missing this. If you receive a lot of mail, just make sure you have unlimited text messaging or you could rack up the charges real fast!
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    How long have you been using this? Any quirks you want to mention?
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    What trigger do you use? VZW doesn't use a specific number.
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    I can't get it to work with any combination of phone number (use the string that vzw sends from, not a number) or message body with wild cards.
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    Got it to work for gmail by using the message body section with the search string: (*)*

    I wish it could use wild cards and strings in the number field though for a more straightforward match.

    Lastly it would be nice to be able to have a different trigger for each of my accounts.

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