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    I am having trouble finding a clear answer, but here is my question.
    We have an Exchange 2003 SP 2 server set up in a front end - back end config.
    I have a Treo 700w that the software version has been updated to V 1.10-VZW.
    I was under the impression that with this setup there is no need for Verizon Wireless Sync to be used and that the Exchange server could do direct push to the device using active sync. Is this the case or is it better to go with the Verizon Wireless Sync. What are the pros and cons of each?
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    Exchange sync (I believe) is better for you,a nd better for the device. Better battery life, quicker syncing, and more "compatible." Oh, and MUCH faster too on the push email
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    I have never used VZW Wireless Sync, and wirelesly sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks with Exchange Server, plus Push mail.
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    The only thing Wireless Sync does that Exchange Activesync does not is sync "Notes"
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    If you have Lotus Notes let me put in a shameless plug for Sybase/iAnywhere's OneBridge product. Corporate push email for Notes. (and Database sync & system management)
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    (what a waste post above, since the original poster clearly stated he's using Exchange).

    Bottom line - go Exchange ActiveSync. Simple, real time push email. No need to use Wireless Sync in your case.

    All you have to do is launch Active Sync on the device, put in your OWA URL, your domain name and password, then set up your sync options for Email Contacts Calendar and Tasks, and you're done. Can't beat it.
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    sorry guys im new to this how do you set adm server so i can use push ??
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    Go here:

    (this assumes you work at a company where they have Exchange 2003, Service Pack 2, and you have access to your Exchange data via OWA (Outlook Web Access) connectivity). Direct Push on the Treo and any Windows Mobile 5 devices uses that same connection path as does OWA.
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    i just want to use with my laptop and my treo is that possible?

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