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    Does anyone know if there has been any update to VZW WS over the past few weeks? I vaguely recall that one of the items that WS would look for in the sync process was updates for the sync software itself. Has anyone noticed a (significant) update?

    I am asking NOT because I think there was an update (I know nothing) but rather to see if I should try VZW WS again. When I tried using it weeks ago, it wreaked havoc on my Treo - I was hoping that there might have been an update that addressed some of the issues I had.

    Any insights or observations would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    bump ... anyone?
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    First, remove the wireless sync program from your phone. (Should be labled 'sync client' in the remove programs field)

    The latest version of wsync can be downloaded to your phone from this website:

    What problems were you having with Wsync, anyways?
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    Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know when the "latest" version was posted? Is there a release history?

    The problems I had were:
    WS would sync all of my Outlook items (i.e., contacts, calendar, etc.) even though only e-mail was selected for wireless sync.
    Also, Activesync would stop connecting after WS was installed

    The behavior of WS was so erratic that I gave up on it. I am hoping that subsequent updates (if any) have calmed WS down a bit.
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