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    Hey all.

    I got a treo 700w from Verizon and I am returning it under the 15 day return policy (it has been 12) BUT I DROPPED IT TODAY!! I scratched the battery cover and can find no where to purchase another. Can someone please help! Where can I purchase a verizon labeled cover, or any matching cover for that matter.

    I am stressing. Does anyone think they will take it back with a scratch on it? The corner has a VERY small ding too. Can I just pay them a fee to return it?
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    they might not even notice?
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    Insurance is your friend.
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    Borrow one from a friend until you can get a new one. The rest of it works okay?
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    Was your plan all along to use it for 14 or so days and return it? I gotta think you broke it you bought it.
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