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    How do you change a file icon? I have been trying out different PDF viewers and for some reason my PDFs have no icon associated with them. They're opening with the correct program, but I'd like to see the relevant icon displayed next to the file name.
    Treo 700W Verizon OS X 10.4.7
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    The file association should be set when you install the app you intend to use with it. If for some reason an installation doesn't do it quite right, I use PHM Regedit to fix it. There are several places to update, however.

    You might want to reinstall one of the PDF viewers and see if association for it returns. Here is a freebie I found by googling "file associations pdf pocket pc". I've never used it but it might work for you.
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    Thanks for the link. I already had PocketX installed and a file icon didn't appear after installation. I also had to open PocketX and then open the file from within it. I uninstalled PocketX and installed Piscel. Seems to work but the file icon didn't kick in with this either.

    What would I have to edit in the registry? I have a trial of Resco installed right now.
    Treo 700W Verizon OS X 10.4.7

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