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    I own 2 treo 700w's one is mine and works flawless but the wifes phone does not.

    When we plug our phones in at night mine will turn green and quit charging at 100% hers on the other hand stays at 99% all night long and the battery feels like it is burning up. I returned the phone to verizon and they gave me a brand new phone. Guess what it does the same exact thing. I thought maybe her charger was screwed up so I put my phone in hers and vice versa, my phone goes to green in either charger hers stays red. Any suggestions. I stopped all her tasks and it still stays red. If I shut off the phone it turns green. then turn it back on it will stay green untill i unplug and replug the phone in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    When you switched out the phone with Verizon did they give you a new battery or just swap the unit? You might try switching out the batteries between your two phones and see if the problem follows.
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    The battery could be the culprit. The 'smarts' for turning off the charging are in the battery.
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    I have tried everything swapping batteries and chargers between phones and mine works perfect turns red until 100% then green. Hers on the other hand with either battery or either charger stays red all night long untill I turn the phone off then it immidietly turns green then I can turn the phone back on and it stays green untill unplugged. The verizon tech said take it back and exchange everythign I will be doing that this weekend. Any other suggestions I'm all ears.

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