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    I just recently got a 700W and thanks to all the great members and posts here, it's been a breeze to use and configure. I'm having a hard time on deciding which Bluetooth headset to get. I'd like it to fit comfortably in my ear as well as provide decent reception and battery life. Equally important is compatibility with the features of the 700W. Is there a clear winner out there? Anyone using this one from Palm:

    Thanks in advance!
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    i think you would want one with DSP, which is digital processing that improves voice quality, and blocks out outside noise.

    I've been using the Jabra JX-10, and I love it.

    Plantronics is releasing (or has released?) the 655, which looks like a nice one too.
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    I've tried a 6 different headsets with my 700W only to find that I never get the range that I want. You can read my thoughts here....

    Scroll down to the second half of the page and there are posts on 5 of the headsets and a couple of other posts on the Palm Treo headset.

    I've been using the Moto H500 for a few weeks now as it seems to have the best combination of range and fit on my ear. The Jabra's are the best fit really and the Palm headset had the best voice quality. H500 seems to be the best compromise for me.

    Hope that helps.
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    jabra jx10 without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! light as hell i forget its even there, call are crisp and it lasts a while
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    Thanks all, I ordered the Jabra JX10 and will give it a try and report back.
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    I tried the JX10, and it was just a little too flimsy and expensive for me. Right now I'm very happy with my Plantronics 320
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    plantronics voyager 510....blows the jabra away in terms of no static and great battery life....ymmv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by biswasd
    plantronics voyager 510....blows the jabra away in terms of no static and great battery life....ymmv.
    The 510 is the only headset I have ever thought had a good fit. Unfortunately, it disconnects regularly (and is actually somewhat hard to reconnect.) I have yet to figure out if there is a problem with my headset, or the Treo.
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    hmmm.....mine never disconnects at all...and it is also paired with my moto slvr as well via the multipoint feature.....i would definitely get a replacement headset.
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    Given the comments in this thread, I purchased the JX10 yesterday, CompUSA for $99.00 with rebates, and I am very happy with its performance. No static, and it is very portable.
    The Motorola HS850, and Plantronics 510 both had static.
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    yeah the jx10 is the best its so small.....the smallest best looking one out there!
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    The Gennum NxZen Plus 5500 is the best headset that I have ever owned. I never have problems with it on my 700w. The noise cancellation is amazing. I have been outside on the streets of NYC talking with folks and they did not realize that I was outside. The range is also very good. Battery life is exceptional. If I had to give a con I would say that there is a delay when receiving a phone call. This is an expensive headset....I think it is well worth it. I was able to get mine for $129.00.
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    Bought a Plantronics 655 Bluetooth Headset online and for couple of days of use have really like the design and its features. It looks like it is not released yet to the market, but was managed to find it at msgdigital website. Was very exciting on getting it and paid for overnight shipping. I have tried alot of Bluetooth Headsets for my Treo 700w Verizon phone, and most of them were not of my expectations.

    Anyway, Plantronics 655 has a much better charging cradle and sits tightly in its charging cradle. They've done a good job and improved 655 from 645. It works perfectly, doesn't disconnect while carrying on coversation, the main button allows you to end, and answer phone calls. It comes with only one charging adapter for mini USB chargers. Its about time for Plantronics to include a charging adapter for Treo.

    One of the best headset i've ever used for my Treo phone. Two thumbs up!!!!
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    I've been using the Jabra JX10 for a few days now and so far I have no complaints. The pairing was very easy and folks on the other end have told me I'm coming through loud and clear. Fit for me is excellent too, and I love the fact that it's light as a feather!
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    I have the Jabra JX10 as well and so far it's the best bluetooth headset I've owned. I've owned a Jabra BT250, Plantronics M3000, and a Motorola H500. I'm very curious about the new tiny Motorola H5 that fits in your ear.
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    I have the Plantronics 640 and I love it.

    Just my 2 cents though...
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    Anybody try the Jabra BT800? Does the Plantronics 640 have DSP?
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    The 640 doesn't have a DSP, but the 645 and 655 do.
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    From what I hear on the 645 & 655 there is a delay when you answer a call. The DSP is setting up and there is a small delay.
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    I just got my 655 and I like it a bit so far. The volume is great and the comfort is incredible. The delay is about three seconds but that's not a deal break imo. The headset is unbelievably comfortable. My only gripe is that if you put it in its vibrating sleeve and clip it on your pants pocket, something like a seatbelt rubbing over the ear piece can make it fall off. The clip was meant to be worn in something like a shirt pocket so I can't be too picky.

    I've got a motorola HS850 is about .5 to 1 second quicker but that's not even 33% better so I'm not sure what the fuss is. I'll keep doing some testing.
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