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    Does anyone else have this problem:

    When in a loud environment the phone picks up on the background noise, which causes the speaker emitting the person on the other end of the line to cut in and out.

    I've had this problem on two phones in a row now and it's really annoying. I basically can't listen to my voicemail in a bar or restaurant b/c the background noise causes the speaker to short out. Am I the only one?

    Also, got the new phone and did a Sprite Restore. Now all of my system programs (Activesync, File Explorer, etc.) have a "(1)" after the icon and name. WTF? Gmail has also disappeared but when I try to recreate the account I get "the name Gmail is already in use" error.

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks!
  2.    #2 I the only one with this problem? This is two different units!
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    I had a similar problem and had to hard-reset to clear. A Sprite restore alone did no good without the HR.
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    CDMA has always had that problem, at least I find that it has. Sprint is worse IMO. Talking and listening at the same time is nearly impossible, for whatever reason. If you are talking the headset speaker cuts off and when you are not speaking the mic cuts off. So when the background noise is especially loud the speaker cuts off, because it thjinks you are talking. Not sure if this was done to save power, increase sound quality, etc, but its real annoying when you are in a noisy area. PLUS, the treo mic is extra sensitive (probably because of its location), and if I'm in a noisy area I find that covering the mic completely helps.
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    Yeah, this is really annoying. I wish I could return this phone for the Q. I love it when it works but it is so damn buggy it just isn't worth it. Palm really, really f'd this phone up and never gave it even a chance to work. I'm not even a power user.
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    I have a similar problem in a Starbucks that I go to. I just step outside if it's too bad (seems to vary with the day (noise level). It's not really that big a deal for me as in most other environments the 700p works perfectly.

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