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    MY treo keeps telling me I have a text message when I dont. Has anyone else had this issue?
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    Never heard of this on a text message but I have had this in my outbox and inbox. Google "fixunreadcount", it is a free program that works great.
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    Thanks man that looked promising but no good. It ran and it said it removed them but the today screen still says I have unread messages

    ANy other ideas?
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    Use a reg editor to check the sms unread count.


    If Count is > 0 that would be your problem. Change it to 0.
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    hard reset then restore an earlier backup........have you tried going into the outlook sms options and selecting "tools" then "clear text messages just for ****s and giggles?
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    Have someone sending you another SMS, maybe that will clear the icon after you read it.

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