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    My phone kept pushing me to Arizona timezone(which at the time was a hour head) since I am in California. So I had to disable network time, and every time I put it on network time same thing happens.
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    Update for me. I've been running fine and thought disabling my network time and network time zone solved my problems. It appears when I travel and I use the extended network in MO and KS it automatically switches me back to Saskatchewan without asking.

    I'm stumped now. I'm going to try and disable the Location Broadcast for 911 only, but that doesn't sound too promising...

    I've switched from making All Day Appointments on my PPC to making 8-5 appointments. Sometimes they move to 7-4, but at least the appear all day. And making most of my appointments on my Desktop. But what a PAIN.
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    Hotrod - I mentioned this earlier in the thread but I don't know if I explained it very well.

    One of the problems I had was that I could not simply switch from Saskatchewan back to Central. It would not prompt me to save settings and when I went back to check it was still set to Saskatchewan.

    For some reason I was able to switch from Saskatchewan to Mexico. It would prompt me to save when I hit OK after making the change.

    I was then able to successfully switch from Mexico to Central. It prompted me to save and all was good.

    I did this after unchecking Use Network Time Zone. Otherwise the network would set me back to Saskatchewan.

    Does this make sense? Hopefully your issue is this simple. There is a Sprint store near my office and I think I can reproduce the problem there. I am curious if they will know anything I don't.

    Curious that I haven't made the effort to call Customer Service.
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    Thanks, dwg. I've done that. And I can get my Time Zone set to Central....but for some reason at some point later (few days later) it will change to Saskatchewan. And my Network time and Network zone options are and have always remained disabled since last April. Except when I enable and disable to get it to prompt me to save the correct time zone.

    It's happened 3 times now. And I haven't been able to verify it yet. But my gut feeling right now is that it has to do with traveling on extended networks.

    I live in KC and yesterday it changed and I changed it back last night. Today I'm still 'golden' in Central TZ.. Yesterday I went to Manhattan, KS which is on Alltell network. I'm not roaming, but Extended. I have to go back to Manhattan next Thurs. so we will see. I'll know for sure then.
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    Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have patched the phone and computer with the DST patches. I sync with an exchange server. I can have the phone off, network time and timezone disabled, switch to Eastern time(where I am) and it will switch itself back to Central within seconds. I have to switch to Eastern and move the clock one hour to get it to the right time. It does prompt to change time settings, but still keeps switching itself back to central. The time appears correct when it's on Central, however I see problems when I make appts on the Treo. They end up shifted by one hour. Appt made in Outlook seem to be fine and stay fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I know we have enough reports to confirm this is a problem, but just thought I'd chip in that I had that problem in my old 700w... said I was in Indiana, when I was in Mid-Michigan. Now that I have a 700wx (same exact location) the problem does not occur
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