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    A new full featured email client is close to release for WM5. Developed by WebIS, the folks who developed Pocket Informant, a full featured PIM replacement for WM5. It supports IMAP IDLE for true push email like Chatter on Palm OS and has many of Chatter's advanced features. Expected release is end of August.
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    That should be great news for treo 700w peeps.
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    I used FlexMail 2006 and hated it. I just didn't like the interface. It also ran extremely slow and didn't handle my IMAP mail well (I know 2006 doesn't support push but it still sometimes had trouble with folder management). I ended up going with a hosted exchange server w/Pocket Outlook and it is great. Handles the contacts/tasks/calendar really well too. I recommend going that route for push email on WM5.
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    The built in client is limited. The developer claims that the 2007 builds are much faster. Users on their discussion board don't seem to indicate any problems with speed and it is being specifically configured for the 700w's screen.

    It contains many more features than the built in client and will handle IMAP IDLE.
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    Only problem is, it doesn't have a today plugin!!!!!!

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