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    Everytime I sync my Treo 700w via Exchange ActiveSync, I get an
    e-mail with the following text in the body (usually a little different
    characters) with a subject of "utd". Body contains:

    Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix this problem?
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    Almost 60 hits in 6 days and no replies... well I think I figured it out myself.

    I am running Exchange Server 2003 with SP2. The Treo 700w did not have the latest software version installed. TREO700W-1.10-VZW If you don't have that on your Treo 700w its just not going to work right.

    The UTD is an up-to-date SMS message that the Exchange Server sends to the device to tell it there are new email to be delivered. However, the device did not know how to treat the SMS message, so the SMS was sent to Outlook.

    If you don't have the update for your Treo 700w GET IT!!! It does make life a whole lot easier.

    Good luck everyone...
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    Many thanks for figuring this out. I have a co-worker that has had this issue for several months and we couldn't figure out what the heck...



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