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    Suddenly I am having a problem with my 700. When I make a pphone call or they call me I can not hear anything and the other party cannot hear me. It says the call is active but yet no sound either direction. If I plug my headset in I can hear them but they cannot hear me. Any idea what is going on here? I have tried soft resetting multiple times but it has not done any good.
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    I had to return mine the other day because the phone stopped working period.
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    dimented, I have the same exact problem right now. Any resolution yet?
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    Me also!!!!
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    I am experiencing the same problem. To add insult to injury...I got my 700W about 2 months ago, and had to upgrade because my 600 had this same problem. Is there any resolution besides fighting with an incompetent VZW rep.
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    Does hard reset the phone fixes the problem?

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