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    Can anyone help me customize a button to toggle mute on and off?

    I would like to reprogram a button to toggle "Mute" on and off to support one hand, one button functionality.

    Usage scenario: you are on a conference call in the car. You want to listen on mute and unmute to speak. It's difficult to toggle from mute on to mute off quickly which creates awkward pauses. Other phone handsets have a mut button that does not require a two step menu selection.

    I would like to program a button (not a screen tap) to toggle mute on and off.

    Verizon could not help me and referred me to Palm. Palm could not help me and referred me to look for a open source or third party Windows Mobile program to accomplish reprograming a button to toggle mute.

    I would be most appreciative of any help or suggestions.
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    You may want to check out AE Button Plus. I'm not sure it can do what you want, but looks promising. It says it can emulate application buttons for keypress actions.
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    Thanks for the pointer. I checked out the site and it is not clear if the tool will work. I did send mail to the Alexander ("A" in AE Software) and hope to hear from him soon.

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