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    The alarm built into Windows Mobile started to act up the other day. Normally when the alarm goes off, two options pop up on the bottom of the screen, notification and menu, those have disappeared. Now the alarm goes off all the time, I did did a soft reset and the alarm plays for about 20 minutes. Any suggestions besides hard reset on how to fix this? I am not running any other programs or software other than the out of the box standards.
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    I accidentally turned on an alarm for 6:00am on Mondays. It was very irritating on vacation. I finally figured out what I did the other day. You might have done the same thing.

    Go to Start | Settings, click the System tab and then click Clock & Alarms. Click the Alarms tab and see if you have any of those alarms enabled. I had the first one enabled so I unchecked it and then clicked OK.

    I hope this helps.

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    No, I wish it was that easy!

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