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    I do lots of hard resets on my 700w (for testing purposes) and everytime i do that i have to enter all my emails settings by hand (very tedious).

    I don't know where the settings are stored but Is there a file, registry or database that I can save on my SD card to save all these settings? I would like to be able to copy it back from SD to the 700w to start where i left off.

    Thanks in advance
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    How about if you hard reset, enter you e-mail settings, and then do a backup of your phone with Sprite backup? Then you could do the hard reset and restore your backup and be good to go other than re-instaling your apps. What about it people, would this work?

    I'm thinking about doing a hard reset because some of the trial apps I install don't want to be uninstalled. I think I will do a backup after entering my Exchange settings so I can easily get back to that point again after hard resetting in the future.

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