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    Anyone having any sporadic issues dialing out on the Treo 700w after the 1.10 update? It seems that once the new memory manager begins closing programs that I can no longer dial out. I can, however, receive calls and still get online to collect mail and surf the net. I must then soft reset the treo to make calls. This happens about once a day.

    As long as I don't surf the web with PIE or have to many apps open at once I am ok, but I can't seem to find that magic line.

    I currently am using the Oxios Hibernate and memmaid to combat the issue but it still happens. I also have Spb finance 2.5.1 and NetFront 3.3, otherwise I do not have any more third party apps.

    Love the treo, but I hate not being able to dial out. Any ideas on how to isolate what is causing this?
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    Update, I was able to recreate the problem when I have activesync and spb finance open at the same time then go to the settings and close spb finance, this causes activesync to close as well, and then I can no longer dial out.
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    The latest from SPB technical support on this issue:

    I would like to apologize for the inconvenience with Spb Finance.
    We are aware of some problems when closing Spb Finance. We suggest to close Spb
    Finance via 'CTRL+Q' with your keyboard (soft-keyboard) when Spb Finance is
    opened on Accounts or Register View.
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