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    I'm new to all this WM stuff so bear with me:

    I set up my IMAP stuff and it works fine. My university email has an SMTP server that I have access to that requires SSL and is super slow. So what I want to do is use . So far, so good.

    I set it all up the way that makes sense to me (though I'm unclear as to what they mean by 'domain' in the prefs). It receives fine the first time. But as soon as I try to sent a message out, both incoming and outgoing messages stop working. The issue also seems to pop up with my own personal smtp server that I *know* works fine.

    The weird thing is it appears to log in to the receiving IMAP server just fine, then freezes up / claims to not be able to receive messages despite the status bar showing "receiving headers" and "receiving folders". If I cancel the outgoing message, it seems to fix the issue. But it'd be nice to be able to send out messages.

    Is the mysterious 'domain' field coming into play here? Do I need to be specifying a domain?
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    Sigh. Nevermind, I think I figured it out. I was *still* getting my own SMTP settings wrong and my vzwmail password looks like it takes more time that I was giving it.

    Still annoying that a broken SMTP setting would prevent email *downloads*, though.

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