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    I was having problems with my BT and sync'ing. So I unistalled activesync 4.2 and re-installed, but the BT plug-in didn't get installed with it. I've tried re-re-installing it, uninstall - install 4.1 then upgrade 4.2, and alot of other combinations trying to get the plug-in back.

    Any ideas how to do this. Can maybe someone email the plugin to me - if that would work
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    I got it working fine without the plug-in on my IBM ThinkPad T41 using a fresh ActiveSync installation from the M$ website. However, I could not get the setup working on my new Gateway CX210X tablet, either with the pre-installed Broadcom/Widcomm drivers or Microsoft's drivers. I have re-installed ActiveSync 4.2 with no success, after switching to the Microsoft drivers. Other Bluetooth devices work fine with both these notebooks. This is indeed a strange phenomenon.

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